At Marie Duckett Aesthetics, our ultimate goal is to help the person you are today look good, fresh and radiant. Marie is a very precise practitioner and takes her time to ensure your treatment is always safe and comfortable. We don’t believe in “quick treatments” at our clinic.

For twenty years dermal fillers have been and still are the cornerstone of the practice. A big part of what we do is filling lines & wrinkles and plumping up lips & cheeks but, as our patients will attest, we have always stressed the need for healthy, beautiful skin as well, which we believe is achievable for any skin type, at any age. We will always tailor skincare to each individuals precise needs.

To us, ‘skincare’ means so much more than just the products we use. Skin care should also include regular treatments such as microneedling, peels and masks to augment our beauty regimes. Today we are convinced that skin quality is the most important aspect of looking good.

We are delighted to welcome you to our clinic and to help you achieve the perfect face for you.


About Marie Duckett

Marie DuckettMarie began her career in the world of aesthetics working for Collagen UK as the product specialist for Central London, where she was responsible for training new practitioners and looking after the existing Collagen clinics.

Over the past twenty years, Marie has been involved in many aspects of aesthetics including being part of a Department of Health working party on the regulation of cosmetic surgery and procedures, Chair of the Royal College of Nursing Aesthetic Nurses Forum and is currently an Honorary member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses.

She has written several articles for aesthetic journals and was co-author of both the Royal College of Nursing Competency Framework for Nurses in Aesthetic Medicine and the Expert Consensus on Complications of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Treatment. Marie was also part of the working group who wrote the syllabus for the first university programme for aesthetics at Greenwich University.

Marie’s clinic is at 60 Harley St, London where she still loves treating patients with dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation treatments.