Our fab new treatment, the WOW Facial is the ultimate 5 step medi facial. Each stage works on different layers of the skin.

Step 1
A peel is applied to gently resurface the skin and work on any existing skin issues. There are 4 peels in the range so we will have one that is ideal for your skin type, making the WOW Facial a truly bespoke treatment.

Step 2
WOW Fusion. A combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Succinic Acid and your own personal cocktail of skin loving serums is superficially needled into the skin using our innovative WOW Fusion device. This stimulates collagen & elastin, hydrates, brightens and improves the texture and tone of the skin. Both acids are naturally found in the skin and have a strong anti-oxidising effect.

Step 3
The WOW LED light therapy treatment, which has professional strength blue, red and near infrared LED settings which stimulate collagen and elastin, while clearing the skin of toxins and bacteria.

Step 4
The WOW Mask is applied. This high quality hyaluronic acid and collagen mask is packed with anti-oxidants and peptides to hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin.

Step 5
Serums and creams selected for your skin type are applied and the treatment is completed with a healing SPF50 WOW Sun Cream. And that’s it – your 5 steps to a glowing, hydrated complexion. Amazing!

We have a brilliant special introductory offer of £200 per treatment. (This will increase to £250 from January 2020) To maintain the benefits of this luscious facial we recommend 3-4 treatments annually. Call now to book in and treat yourself to an hours’ relaxing and therapeutic treatment for both you and your skin. WOW!

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